Frequently Asked Questions

How does a jet drive work?

Water is drawn into the unit through the intake grill by an impeller, driven directly by the engine driveshaft. The water is then forced at high pressure through an outlet nozzle creating thrust that drives the boat forward. To obtain reverse, a gate lifts into position over the outlet re-directing the pressure stream in the opposite direction.

How high should a jet outboard be mounted on my boat?
The jet outboard should be mounted about 6 inches higher than a propeller motor.
How will I know if I have a long shaft or short shaft motor?
On a short shaft motor, the transom is 15″-16″ tall. On a long shaft motor, the transom is 20″-21″ tall.
What do I need to know to get the right jet kit?
You will need to know your year model, if it is a long or short shaft motor, and if it has remote or tiller steering.
Can you put a jet on a motor smaller than a 25hp?
No. A 25 horse power is the smallest jet they make.
How much performance will I lose when I install a jet on my outboard?
Typically, about 30 percent.
Do you offer financing?
We currently do not offer financing. You will have to contact your local bank or credit union.
Where are you located?
FROM ELLINGTON, MO: Take Hwy 21 south for 2 miles. Turn left on Highway H. We are 9 miles down on the left. The road dead ends at Clearwater Lake. If you go too far, turn around and come back 1 mile from the lake. FROM ST LOUIS, MO: Take I-55 South to Hwy 67.  Take Hwy 67 South to Farmington.  Take the 221/W Exit at Farmington.  W goes to the left, you will need to turn right onto 221 and go 17 miles to Jct. 21. Keep in mind that after about 8 miles Hwy 221 turns to the left, you will need to go straight on Hwy NN.  Turn right on 21 – go 1/2 mile and turn left on Hwy N – Go 20 miles to Jct. 21/49 – Turn right on Hwy 21, go 22 miles – You will go 2 miles past Ellington and turn left on H Hwy.  We will be 9 miles down H Hwy on the left. Our exact GPS coordinates are 37.15540234008739, -90.82324060394745. Do NOT put our address in your GPS as it will not find us and you will end up lost!! If your GPS directs you off a main highway, do NOT listen to it, call us for directions instead at 573-461-2244.
What brands do you carry?
We are a dealer for Mercury & Evinrude Outboard Jets, Blazer & WeldCraft Boats and Rivercraft Trailers.